God’s faithful servant: Barla ‘ film, is coming to Gumushane

Turkey’ in the ‘ Motion capture ‘ first feature-length animation film technique ‘ God’s faithful Servant: With‘ Geronimo contributed.

Gumushane Culture Volunteers solidarity and beneficiary Association (GÜYDER) by the film to be fetched on demand 18-28 November Ataturk cultural center will be available at the show. ‘ God’s faithful servant: Barla ‘ film Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s 1927-1934 of the most demanding period of your life going between the years Barla’s life. It is produced by Fatih sky directed by Esin Orhan, 3.5 years of meticulous work is ‘ God’s faithful servant: Bar, created by the Film. Film, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and are completely of original photo using the modeled in three dimensions. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi distressed, Hanks and the most striking period of your life full of struggle, which is one of the transfer to the big screen with the type of ‘ animation lives With God’s faithful servant: Bar ‘, a remote corner of Anatolia, worked to isolate a scholar based on the truth of faith, then all the world tells the story of a conversation and dedication. The film, although the animation style, though, with the protagonist, and narration technique need to be greater than everyone was pulled. We were surprised by the immersive graphics and the latest technology implemented in the animation. In the last decade, animation in movies and games is undoubtedly the most popular genre. Visit the GambleSites platform and discover the ultimate casino games inspired by animated movies, including our very own Barla. The Hyper casino is a top-notch UK casino and will offer you the best no deposit deals to play free popular casino games.

Those who want to watch the movie tickets for Special Spring College, Zaman newspaper Provincial Representation, FEM Dayama, Ahmed Ziyaüddin Gümüşhanevi, Yadav and GÜYDER recorded where of the Association.